About Stanburys

Stanburys Ltd. was established in 1976 and is an award winning business enterprise firmly grounded in the estates management and surveying markets. We are unique amongst our competitors in that all asset data for populating our award winning software emisCAD can be collected and verified in house, without the need to use external third parties and the associated costs and delays that may arise because of this.

Find out more about us visit www.stanburys.com

emisCAD CAFM Software + Estate Management Solutions

Depending on a clients specific needs, our emisCAD software can be complimented by providing one, or all, of following services:

  • Secure Server Hosting with Balance Bandwidth for emisCAD Software.
  • Surveying using the latest survey equipment and technology, including advanced 360 spherical photographic products and High Definition Laser Scanners.
  • CAD Services producing detailed floor plan, elevation and topographical drawings which can feed directly into the emisCAD software.
  • Implementation and population of all emisCAD modules, to client specification, utilising data already captured, where possible.
  • Full training and telephone support.
  • Support and Maintenance of emisCAD related software and data capture.

emisCAD® is the winner of two Deference Estates Awards.
emisCAD® is the winner of the British Insistute of Facilities Management Award for Innovation.